No One Is More Anti-Cop Than The Cops Resisting Radical Police Reform

I am pro-cop, and, being pro-cop, I don’t want police to be attacked or assaulted on the job. But if police cannot stop themselves from regularly killing unarmed people, the bad cops are risking that harm to all the good cops.

If good cops cannot end their Thin Blue Line cultish code of silence and start ratting out all the bad cops terrorizing the citizens they claim to be protecting, citizens might begin treating cops like cops treat unarmed black men by attacking them with no warning, no hint of self-control, and no apparent guilt. It is pro-cop to ask the police to stop killing people like it is pro-children to tell kids to stop harassing and throwing rocks at hornet nests. I don’t want furious people attacking the police. Do police want that?

America obviously has a crisis in that our cops have been allowed to police themselves, an absurd societal custom made blatantly apparent thanks to ubiquitous cell phone cameras owned by nearly every oppressed citizen and witness. Just imagine what bad cops regularly got away with before everyone had cameras on them at all times to live-stream police misconduct. How much injustice has occurred without going viral on our social media feeds? We will never know, and the answer would haunt us.

Read the lyrics of N.W.A.’s “Fuck Tha Police” thinking about all the police brutality our social media platforms are inundated with. The sensationalism isn’t so wild for law-abiding white people anymore now that we can see for ourselves how being law-abiding doesn’t help you if you’re black. We see for ourselves how common violence against people of color is, and how common it is for police to shoot family dogs in fenced yards, brutalize people with their hands up, get caught planting drugs and toy guns at crime scenes, shoot up the wrong house in no-knock break-ins, lie about anything and everything, and eagerly murder with knees on throats and hands in their pockets or any other manner of abuse not specifically specified by past judicial precedent so that they can escape legal culpability with qualified immunity.

There’s no excuse anymore not to be aware. Some citizens might openly flaunt their bigotry and announce they don’t mind the blatant systemic racism, and there are pavlovian police apologists blind from social media logarithms supplying their feeds with only pedantic Blue Lives Matter content, but the protests are invading sports, the arts, schools, highways, and every facet of life. There is no excuse anymore.

The latest viral video of cop brutality comes from a bad cop in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This is certainly a case of a bad cop. If that cop didn’t want Jacob Blake to get into his car, shooting to kill 7 times is not the manner in which the laws they are sworn to uphold says the situation should be handled. There are several Constitutional rights Mr. Blake inalienably has that were alienated in that video. Good cops do not kill anyone. Capital punishment should only be decided by a jury of one’s peers in a court of law.

And, more fundamentally, the video of Blake’s shooting shows bad protocol. The choice to pursue Mr. Blake into his car does not seem safe for the cop who grabbed him, and it actually seems like bad training, or no training at all. It’s not a calm, methodically safe, strength-in-numbers manner of policing that would protect the officer if Blake really was a threat, or was potentially grabbing a weapon. It is pro-cop to point out that the police habit of escalating every situation, using overwhelming force, and then asking questions later is wrong, ineffective, and a danger to police safety. Nothing could be more pro-cop than expecting cops to not put themselves into the kinds of dangerous situations in which unnecessary bad cop violence can occur.

Which is why radical reform is pro-cop. It’s also pro-cop to be furious at bad cops doing bad things, and at other bad cops not intervening in the moment, and at more bad cops not holding them accountable afterwards, and at still more cops interfering when legal consequences actually, finally do arise. There are whole hierarchies of bad cops enabling bad cops, and it is pro-cop to point out that accountability is long overdue. Quite frankly, a lot of cops currently employed deserve to be fired immediately and prosecuted for past crimes committed on the job available for jury consideration in any number of videos post online and viewed millions of times. It’s pro-cop to send a lot of cops to prison as soon as possible.

So maybe cops are actually the most anti-cop people in society. They’re the ones diligently earning the mistrust, hatred and disrespect they complain about, especially when they bitch about the negative reactions to their terrible policing, labyrinthine accountability measures, and threats to refuse to answer 911 calls in toddler-esque protests. Refusing to do their job, on the job, is the point at which employees get fired in any other profession. So fire them, and stop giving bad cops power over citizens they show over and over that they cannot wield professionally or responsibly.

How many more murders do we have to accept before we acknowledge across the political and social spectrum that cops just can’t help themselves? They’re regularly committing brutality at police brutality protests, like the national string of protests that erupted into riots following the George Floyd murder. There are literally hundreds of police officers on video committing crimes against peaceful protesters, and thousands more watching the brutality and doing nothing about it. Who doesn’t agree with N.W.A. in these cases? Fuck all those police. The bad apples have apparently spoiled all the apples, because the Thin Blue Line cult isn’t doing anything about the daily abuses of Black Lives Matter protesters. Time’s up.

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