Rudy Giuliani Tucked In His Shirt For 25 Minutes During Voter Fraud Testimony

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

Detroit, MI—

During courtroom testimony in which President Donald Trump’s lawyers were alleging fraud suspiciously only in counties with large minority populations, Rudy Giuliani reportedly had his hand in his pants for a full 25 minutes.

Several courtroom sketch artists drew Mr. Giuliani leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed, and the court stenographer recorded several moans coming from the former mayor on the official testimony transcript.

Several beads of sweat formed at Mr. Giuliani’s temples, and rolled down his cheeks leaving distinctive dark trails of apparent hair dye spray. After twenty-five minutes Mr. Giuliani removed his hand from his pants, and asked the judge if the testimony could be sped up because he had a lead on another potential Hunter Biden laptop he wanted to go check out before business hours were over.

Giuliani was later reportedly seen in the men’s bathroom standing in front of a hand dryer with his pelvis thrust up so his crotch was near the heater.

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