Trump Says He Noticed The Other Day Joe Biden’s Birth Certificate Looks “Real Sketchy”

Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump is back at his Birther conspiracy schtick, and tweeted the following this morning:

“So I just happened to be walking past the State Department office the other day, and, by crazy chance, Sleepy Joe Biden’s birth certificate happened to be out in a totally normal and legal coincidence. And I have to say it looks real sketchy!”

“Everyone in the government is talking about how fake Biden’s birth certificate looks. The experts say there’s no way it can be real! I don’t know where Joe was born, but it definitely wasn’t Scranton, I guarantee it! What is it with Democrats and picking illegal immigrants for president? First a Kenyan, and now mystery Biden?!”

“I’ve got some guys looking around for Biden’s REAL birth certificate, and the things they’re finding would blow your mind! You won’t believe what they’re finding! It’s definitely looking like Joe Biden isn’t an American citizen, and is therefore ineligible to be president! It looks like I’m getting a second term!”

“In 2 weeks I’m going to unveil the most tremendous evidence that this entire election was a sham! I know I promise a lot of things that will happen in 2 weeks, but this time I’m totally serious! The evidence that Joe grew up on a completely different continent is truly unbelievable! In 2 weeks I’ll unveil which one, and the ratings will be off the charts!”

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