BonnarQ-Anon’s Festival Lineup Just Dropped!

(Photo by Wendy Wei.)

The summer festival season is upon us, and this year’s BonnarQ Music & Arts Festival has a bomb lineup!


10pm: DJ Jewish Space Laser

9pm: COVID Mask Burning Party under the 20-foot effigy of Dr. Fauci

8pm: Don “Red Eyes” Jr.’s slurry, congested spoken word poem “Triggering The Libs”

7pm: Kellyanne & The Alternative Facts

6pm: A debate on the following topic “Did Hitler have SOME good ideas?”

5pm: Red Hat Öyster Cult

4pm: Boyz II Nazis


10pm: Lindsey Graham and Kevin McCarthy leading a blood oath to Donald Trump

9pm: Mike Pence w/ special guest THE FLY

8pm: A PSA from the Russian Government

7pm: Roger Stone getting a tattoo of Donald Trump under his Nixon tat

6pm: Matt Gaetz’ Teen Trumpettes

5pm: Jim Jordan conducting wrestling lessons on a blowup doll with Adam Schiff’s face

4pm: Make-Your-Own-Robes Craft Hour hosted by the Florida KKK

3pm: Stephen Miller’s homemade horror film (rated NC-17)

2pm: Selected readings from Mein Kampf by Sebastian Gorka

1pm: The Dog Whistle Country Band

12pm: Eric Trump’s Tremendous Magic Show


10pm: Donald Trump ranting for 90 minutes about toilets, showers, and windmills

9pm: 13-Year-Old Ivanka Lookalike Competition, hosted and judged by Donald Trump

8pm: Roast of Ted Cruz, hosted by Donald Trump

7pm: Rudy Giuliani reading selected excerpts from Hunter Biden’s Laptop

6pm: Mike Lindell’s one-act play “Pillow Talk”

5pm: A Paul Manafort & Konstantin Kilimnik Q&A on the 2016 election

4pm: TBD (the blackface sketch show has been canceled due to political correctness)

3pm: The Steve Bannon Blood & Soil Bluegrass Duo

2pm: A panel discussion from “The 1488 Project”

1pm: Louie Gohmert’s Metal Triangle Band

12pm: Coloring Contest: Trump’s 2024 Electoral College victory map

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