Ted Cruz’s Senate Hearing Notes Just Say “President Cruz” Doodled Over and Over Again

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

The Halfway Post has obtained an authenticated Ted Cruz note pad that the Texan senator used throughout the recent Obamacare repeal bill hearings. We took a look at Mr. Cruz’s handwritten notes to himself, and were surprised to find pages’ worth of doodles.

While most doodlers will draw little pictures or graphic designs in the margins when bored, Mr. Cruz’s doodles are all the same: the title “President Cruz” written over and over in different styles, font styles, and sizes.

The Halfway Post analyzed the entire notepad we obtained, and it appears that Mr. Cruz did not write even a single note related to the healthcare bill. The total number of times Mr. Cruz wrote his name apparently imagining himself as president numbered 693.

Mr. Cruz seems to have an interest in type faces because the fonts from his various doodles vary considerably. Some are sans-serif, though most of his doodles have cursive serifs. Occasionally, the “i” in “President” is dotted with a heart.

Mr. Cruz also spent several pages in the middle of the notepad reimagining the presidential seal with various designs incorporating squirrels.

From The Halfway Post vault:

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