Trump Vindicated: His Creepy, Hyper-Aggressive Sex Crimes Are Actually Like Vietnam


[The following is a guest editorial, written by Trump supporter Hunter Morlache.]

Liberals can totally shove it, because President Donald Trump has been wholly vindicated.

When he compared his sex life and struggle to avoid STDs as his own private, “Personal Vietnam,” liberals laughed at him and mocked him! But we now know the Donald was totally right all along. It was no lie, whatsoever.

His sex life is full of conflict, misappropriated money, and pyrrhic victories, just like the Vietnam War. He kisses random married women and grabs their butts. He grabs ‘em by their crotches. There’s hand-to-hand combat all the time going on in Donald’s sex life. The guy is battle hardened.

Don’t believe me? Trump admitted it and bragged about it to a minor television personality. He’s turned on by his own daughter. He creepily commented on the physical appearance of the first lady of France and virtually every other woman he has ever met. The guy can’t be congratulated enough for his sexist scorecard.

He’s a potential witness against friend and business associate Jeffrey Epstein, who has been accused of sexual relations with minors, and Trump’s no doubt at least a little guilty of that, too. He has bragged about walking into the dressing rooms of his beauty pageants while his teenaged contestants were changing, telling the girls not to worry and that he’d seen it all before. He’s a gross old veteran of this stuff!

And don’t even get me started on the Russia pee tape controversies! Donald Trump is the Manfred “Red Baron” von Richthofen of dogfights against women. He’s been fighting his Vietnam for decades. So take that, liberals!

Donald Trump is totally vindicated. He said he was a jungle infantry soldier in the battle zone of sex, and he was right! And he’s got sexual assault lawsuits that are the equivalent of Medals of Honor to prove it!

Libs can go suck it!

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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