Trump Proposes 1,538 Mile US-Canada Border Wall, Promises Canada Will Pay For It “For REAL This Time”


Washington D.C.—

Following Donald Trump’s recent spat with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the President today took to Twitter this morning to announce he would be looking into building another border wall, this time on the 1,538 mile border the US shares with Canada.

Trump published the following tweets:


Justin Trudeau was so mean to me. He was “Nasty Justin” Let’s get that nickname started #MAGA


I am totally serious about the Canada border wall. The Fake News will say I’m not, but they’re just fake fake fake. And this time Canada is going to pay for it—for REAL this time! #TrumpTrain


No, I’ve thought of an even better nickname: “Jerky Justin!” Cause he’s such a jerk! I wasn’t even going to do the tariffs until he was so jerky to me after that meeting. Guess what Justin: our Canada wall just got 10 feet higher! #MAGA


Even better: “Jackass Justin.” Cause he was so meek in our G7 meeting but afterwards he turned into a total jackass! He and Obama aren’t as cool as they think they are. No one likes them. And it’s not just me, people are talking. Putin was not a happy camper with O!


Angela Merkel thinks she’s popular, but she’s not! She just comes from a rich country. She’s not even hot. She’s a 6 pretending she’s an 8.5. LAME! Obama and Jerky Justin can keep her.


At this point the tweets stopped and it’s presumed Ivanka Trump yanked the phone out of his hands.


(Picture courtesy of the the White House.)

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