Nancy Pelosi Got The Words “Nasty Woman” Tattooed On Her Ankle

Washington D.C.—

In celebration of successfully impeaching President Donald Trump in the House of Representatives, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi got the sobriquet Trump gave her, “Nasty Woman,” tattooed on her ankle.

Pelosi posted a picture of the tat on her Instagram account, and it didn’t take long for her followers to notice what looks like a lit blunt in the background of the photo.

“I actually love the nickname our impeached President bestowed upon me,” said Pelosi to a Halfway Post reporter today, “Its casual sexist connotation amuses me, and I think the phrase inspires a lot of other women around the country to stop putting up with loser men and their fragile, little prince ego complexes. If the President thinks I’m nasty for holding him accountable for the first time in his life, I will fully embrace his childish name-calling. I’ve raised several children and now have grandchildren, so I’m used to handling tantrums from little boys. It’s obvious the President projects out on everyone around him because he’s wildly uncomfortable in his own skin. His hair has fallen out beneath his offensively ridiculous combover, he’s self-conscious about his face beneath the caked layers of orange foundation he applies every morning, he’s embarrassed to shake real leaders’ hands with his tiny little sausage fingers, he tries to hide his conspicuous ignorance about life and the world by telling everyone he knows more than anyone about every subject, he accuses me of having false teeth cause his slip out as he struggles to communicate the few superficial thoughts left in his cognitively plunged brain cells molested by the speed pills he snorts, and he’s very obviously hung up on some unspecified ailments effecting his manhood that forces him to pay greater and greater fees in order to coax his unimpressed adult film star mistresses into signing his nondisclosure agreements. So am I a ‘Nasty Woman’ for offering to pay for the President to get the words ‘Impeached’ tattooed on his back? Sure. I am the nastiest woman that little cu** has ever seen. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have half a blunt waiting for me at home.”

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One thought

  1. Omg,
    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard, while applauding at the same time, in my life!! 😂👏
    Lmao, you go Nancy!! Much respect, go smoke your blunt, you earned it girl!


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