Local “Blacks 4 Trump” Group Just Got Its First Black Member To Sign Up

Knoxville, TN—

A local group of supporters for President Donald Trump who call themselves “Blacks 4 Trump” recently reached a major milestone in the history of their organization in that their very first actually black member just signed up.

The group was founded in the summer of 2016 to support Trump, but spent several years unable to fulfill the promise of their name.

Anthony Hale, 39, requested to follow the group’s Facebook page, and when group founder Lisa Waynesville noticed he was African-American, she immediately accepted his request.

“What a big day for Blacks 4 Trump, maybe the best day yet!” exclaimed Mrs. Waynesville in a brief phone conversation with The Halfway Post. “We got our very first one! Take that liberals! Now we’re officially not racist! Starting today, we all have a black friend. Now it’s no longer offensive for us to call any place where there’s some black people standing outside ‘sketchy,’ or to downplay hate crimes by pointing out that black-on-black crime exists, or to say ‘you people’ when arguing with black people about their cultural defects! It’s all acceptable now because we know someone black! I can’t wait to shove this in my libtard neighbors’ faces! They’re going to be so upset to hear this because they love telling me I can’t use the word ‘negro’ anymore, or ‘colored,’ or keep putting an ‘All Lives Matter’ sign at the entrance of our subdivision. Now I can use those words all I want! I’m so glad this Anthony Hale joined. I wonder if he’ll actually come to one of our monthly meetings. He’s invited, of course, but I just hope he doesn’t bring too many of his friends. Our club has a really good thing going on, and I’d hate for us to have so many black people show up that all the whites are uncomfortable. He could bring one of his friends, but no more than that. I’d hate for our club to turn sketchy!”

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