BREAKING: Betsy DeVos Killed A Dozen Dalmatian Puppies For A New Coat

Washington D.C.—

According to sources close to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, she has recently been buying up a number of pure-bred dalmation puppies throughout the Washington D.C. area.

The Halfway Post has exclusively received numerous photos from readers taken of Mrs. DeVos wearing the new coat in restaurants and public events throughout the capital city.

This is one of the puppies murdered:

Her name was Dandelion, and her skin now covers Betsy DeVos’s right shoulder.

This is the puppy, named Scout, whose fur was used to make the front pockets in Mrs. DeVos’s coat:

This puppy’s name was Herbert, and his fur was just thrown away because Secretary DeVos thought he looked like he had been owned by a poor family, and didn’t want any poor puppy fur in her expensive coat:

These puppies were all used as well, named (from the top, going clockwise) Rosie, Spot, Hunter, Ginger and Walter:

Betsy DeVos is reportedly looking for more dalmatian puppies in order to make more coats for herself. She claims the coats have to be made from puppy fur because dog fur gets less soft as they age.

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(1st Dalmatian picture courtesy of Ingvild Hunsrød. 2nd Dalmatian picture courtesy of Peter Grima. 3rd Dalmatian picture courtesy of Ingvild Hunsrød. 4th picture courtesy of Kyle McCarthy.)

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