Donald Trump Unveils His 2020 Campaign Slogan

Halfway Post reporter found a packet of papers Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale apparently left behind in a Washington D.C. diner with a Trump campaign watermark on each page.

The packet turned to be a list of ideas for Trump’s 2020 campaign slogans.

It appears the top slogan President Donald Trump has chosen for his 2020 campaign is the following: COVID Was Obama’s Fault.

The following are other ideas listed in the packet, which it appears were under consideration for the Trump team’s 2020 slogan.

  • Stocks Trump Pandemic!
  • If you reelect Donald Trump, he promises to golf a little less!
  • Trump Isn’t Responsible!
  • Because Hillary Clinton has turned herself super small and crawled into Joe Biden’s brain and now controls him!
  • Biden still smells like Obama.
  • Biden will take your guns and sodomize you with them!
  • Trump is racist, so you can pretend not to be!
  • Ivanka is way hotter than Hunter Biden!
  • Trump 2020: The Russians haven’t got back their full investment yet!
  • Owning the Libs is more important than wage growth or healthcare!
  • When was the last time you read the Constitution anyway?
  • Trump 2020, because women need to be reminded more often they’re objects of sexual gratification, not full citizens.
  • Biden will appoint a bunch of women who will get period blood all over the White House!
  • If reelected, Trump has a secret plan to defeat the coronavirus in 30 days!
  • Vote for Trump, because Stephen Miller’s concentration camp project needs more time in order to compare to Hitler!
  • Whether you’re a zionist billionaire, or an anti-semitic incel, Trump has the policies for you!
  • Trump is not a liar! Only everyone else is lying!
  • If Trump stays president, gas prices will get lower periodically when Saudi Arabia murders and mutilates American resident journalists and feels bad about hurting our feelings!
  • Don’t you want to see Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and other Republican senators continue to humiliate themselves?
  • Donald Trump has never read the Bible, so he’ll never accuse you of acting unChristian like those jerk liberals!
  • Renovate existing fencing! Renovate existing fencing!
  • Except for several exceptions, Donald Trump is just like Jesus!
  • If you missed your chance in 2016, now is your turn to be a part of a stunning Electoral College technicality victory in spite of America’s obvious popular desire for Democrats via millions more votes than Republicans earn!

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