Trump Coined His Newest Nickname: “Grouchy Fauci”

Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump is apparently unhappy with Dr. Fauci’s reluctance to endorse his dubious, quick coronavirus cures, and criticized Fauci from his Twitter account.

The following are Mr. Trump’s tweets:

“Dr. Fauci doesn’t know what he’s talking about. His uncle didn’t go to MIT like mine did, so I think my opinion holds a little more weight than his does. The fact is that COVID-19 will be cured much faster by trying anything and everything than the slow progress of professional medical testing!”

“Fauci is being a total grouch by saying it’s medically ill-advised to recommend people huff Lysol fumes to clean coronavirus out of their lungs. I’m going to start calling him #GrouchyFauci from now on, and I think America agrees! We need FAST action, not safe action!”

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