If Biden Is Elected, Democrats Will Eat All Our Babies and Americans Will Go Extinct

St. Louis, MO—

The Republican National Convention has made one indisputable fact obvious to all patriotic, freedom-loving Trump voters: Americans are an endangered species.

The fact is that Democrats love abortion. They can’t get enough of it. Democrats have no hobbies other than heading to their local Planned Parenthood, and picking out which fetuses get to live or die. And cannibalism. Democrats are all cannibals.

And if Joe Biden wins, America will be over. Our birthrate will turn negative on November 4th! Fetuses everywhere will just give up on gestation. What would be the point to develop another few months if Joe Biden will take over in January and sign a bunch of executive orders making babies illegal? What fetus wants to be born just to be the main entrée of a dinner at a DNC fundraiser?

This is no hyperbole. Just examine these quotes from notable Democrats:

  • “Leave no fetus for tomorrow which can be aborted today.” –Hillary Clinton
  • “It is hard to birth, but it is worse never to have tried to abort.” –Nancy Pelosi
  • “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be all these un-aborted fetuses of today.” –Chuck Schumer
  • “It’s amazing how many babies you can abort if you do not care who gets the credit.” –Barack Obama

There is no hope for the unborn unless Donald Trump is reelected, the Constitution is trashed, and Trump kids and grandkids govern us in a hereditary, absolutist monarchy for the next century until all the Democrats can be vanquished. We have no choice.

I know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t Trump have a bunch of affairs with pornstars and Epstein’s trafficked children, and sign hundreds of nondisclosure agreements bribing and keeping secret who knows how many abortions?” Maybe, but that was before Trump went to a church in the middle of a protest and heroically held up a Bible, so that’s been forgiven.

You can tell from the way that Trump was holding that Bible that he reveres it with his whole soul. Most Christians carry their Bibles everywhere with them, and the Bibles are worn with bookmarks and dog-eared pages, but not Trump. Trump knows the Bible is so sacred he doesn’t dare even open it up or look comfortable handling it. And besides, God wouldn’t have allowed Trump’s bodyguards to gas and beat up those peaceful protesters if the photo-op wasn’t entirely within His Will and Biblical righteousness.

What a magnificent Christian man Trump is, who is totally not faking it for political gain like Obama, who was always quoting Scripture in casual conversations and even attended church services here and there. What a phony. You’ll never see Trump in a church, or quote the Bible without mispronouncing the names of the books because he’s a humble, honest, REAL Christian man.

I pray every day to God for Trump to get reelected, and I know that’s exactly what God wants. Which is why it’s so surprising that God is letting Trump’s approval rating and poll numbers slip so low. God must be confused, but if we all pray enough, we can get God’s attention again to give Donald Trump four more years!

From The Halfway Post vault:

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