Trump Claims Kanye West Stole His Black Votes

Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump tweeted about his latest election conspiracy this morning:

“I knew I should have never let Kanye into the Oval Office for those prison reform meetings. He probably stole my strategy for getting Black votes then. I should have called the cops on him when I saw him loitering in the White House lobby! Talk about sketchy! I bet the prison reform bill was all a ruse!”

“I’m not sure who convinced Kanye West to run for president anyway, but they should be locked up because Kanye stole a lot of my votes! I would have gotten 90% of the black vote, but because Kanye ran I guess the Blacks all got confused about having too many options and I only got 8%!”

“Somehow Joe Biden got 90% of the Black vote, and it doesn’t make sense! He’s not black! I’m way blacker than him! I’ve only been sued a few times for racism, but I made up for it by getting the black unemployment number so low! The Blacks will never thank me even though I ended racism in America way more than Obama did!”

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