Bill Barr Reminded Trump He Can’t Be Fired As He Has The Unredacted Mueller Report

Washington D.C.—

According to Trump Administration insiders, Attorney General Bill Barr laughed out loud when President Donald Trump tried to fire him yesterday afternoon.

“I saw Bill Barr go into the Oval Office, and a bunch of us leaned our heads to the door to listen,” explained a White House source under the condition of anonymity. “Trump yelled at him for not finding voter fraud, and Barr shouted back that it doesn’t exist, and that, since Trump wasn’t getting another four years, he was done covering for him. Barr said that he had no intention of going to jail because of a Biden DOJ investigation looking into him committing election fraud, and said that Trump was clearly going to be too busy pardoning himself and his kids to get a pardon himself. This made Trump irate, and he screamed that Barr was fired, which actually marked the first time Trump has ever fired someone himself, but it didn’t take because Bill Barr burst into laughter. Barr yelled back that he wasn’t fired because he still had access to the unredacted Mueller Report, and could release it at any moment. Trump yelled ‘You wouldn’t!’ and then Barr yelled back ‘I so would!’ Then Barr left, and Trump told the staff to get last night’s Sean Hannity recording on the television ASAP and fast-forward to the most complimentary section or he was going to scream.”

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