Afghanistan Super Relieved, Was Worried Trump Might End War & Its Record-Breaking Year Streak


Kabul, Afghanistan—

The country of Afghanistan has told neighbor countries that it is “super relieved” that US President Donald Trump recently unveiled plans for a surge in America’s troop presence.

President Obama had instituted a surge previously, but spent his second term trying to wind down the record-breaking war. President Trump is making good on his campaign promise to do the exact opposite of anything Obama ever did or wanted to do.

Afghanistan reportedly told neighbors Pakistan and Turkmenistan that it was happy that its already record-breaking continuity of war would be getting longer.

“Afghanistan is real proud that it is America’s number one longest war, and it’s all Afghanistan ever talks about,” said Turkmenistan. “That record is going to be getting even more difficult to break, which means Afghanistan is going to be even more smug about it. Great.”

Congratulations, Afghanistan.

(Picture courtesy of DVIDSHUB.)

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