In Anticipation Of Future Indictments, Donald Trump Claims He Only Met Jared Kushner “Like, One Time”


Washington D.C.—

In a rare, brief comment to the press en route to Marine One before a golf outing, President Donald Trump answered a question concerning his son-in-law and executive adviser Jared Kushner’s role in the Russian collusion scandal currently being investigated by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

A reporter from CBS asked if the President was worried about Kushner’s loss of his temporary security clearance and the Mueller investigation’s close look into Kushner’s financial records.

“Look, Jared’s a good kid,” said President Trump to reporters. “He’s smart, he’s good looking—great kid. Great coffee boy. Was he in my administration? Yes. Did he play a major role? Not at all. I barely ever saw him. I maybe met him, like, one time. Barely know him. My daughter says he’s a very great guy. I’ll take her word for it. Jared’s office is close to mine in the White House, but he keeps his door closed a lot and I never really see him. You know, I’m always busy reading documents all the time when I’m walking past Jared’s office. I never look up from all the great, great amazing documents I get. That’s all I can say. Great guy, Jared, but if he were in this room right now I wouldn’t be able to pick him out.”

Mr. Trump then left for a golfing trip.


(Picture courtesy of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff.)

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