Donald Trump Told John Bolton He Only Gets To Start 1 War, So He Better Choose Wisely


Washington D.C.—

The appointment of John Bolton by President Donald Trump to be the new National Security Adviser is another controversy for the President, this time because of John Bolton’s reputation as a thoughtless, reckless warmonger.

Critics have suggested that Mr. Bolton will be a strong voice for war in the Trump Administration, as Bolton has recommended various wars with North Korea, Iran, and Russia in the past. Bolton was also an architect and a perennial defender of the Iraq War, which is typically remembered as the biggest mistake in American foreign policy in modern history.

In response to such criticism of his new National Security Adviser, Trump took to Twitter this morning to defend his decision to hire Bolton with the following thread of Tweets:

“The Fake News is saying John Bolton will start new wars, but they’re wrong again, like everything. I specifically told Bolton he only gets to start 1 war. I hope he chooses wisely!”

“Bolton informed me of his pick, and I will announce which war he gets in the coming weeks or months to build up ratings for my announcement. It’s gonna be HUGE! Comment which war you think he will start!”

“Fans of the Trumpster will know I’ve flirted with the idea of having a war with Iran or N. Korea, but which one? Or maybe Russia? JK! It won’t be Russia, Putin is like America’s oldest and closest ally.”

“And it’s time for my Friday update to the List of Official Trump Coffee Boys! This week we’re adding HR McMaster and John Dowd. If Mueller asks them anything, remember: I never met them, and I couldn’t pick them out of this room if they were here now.”


(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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