Trump Called The NAACP Rigged For Not Including Him Among Black History Heroes

Washington D.C.—

Following the conclusion of Black History Month, President Donald Trump started a Twitter feud with the NAACP for not honoring him at the Annual NAACP Black Tie Dinner’s presentation of contemporary black heroes.

The following are Trump’s tweets:

“The NAACP is rigged! Worse than CNN! Everybody is talking about how snubbed President Trump was! They’re so nasty! And after I lowered the black unemployment rate so much! I ought to fire all the black workers who have gotten jobs in the last 3 years because they’re so unthankful!”

“They’d give the Hero of the Year Award to Michelle Obama? Are you kidding me?! For what? Eating stupid carrots?! They grow in the soil, which means they’re totally unhealthy. Everyone knows dirt clogs up your arteries! I only eat Taco Bell and fast food burgers cause the greasy carbohydrates clear out my system and leave my arteries sparkly and clean like a freshly mopped floor!”

“I totally deserved that award! No one does more for the blacks than me! And Harriet Tubman got a special shout out during the presentation and I don’t? I gave way more black people jobs than Harriet Tubman freed on the Underground Railroad, and they want to put her on the $20 bill? What about President Trump?!”

“Does no one remember I gave Ben Carson a position? I didn’t have to! Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos told me he seemed ‘sketchy’ and looked like a drug dealer who would probably steal from the White House and smell bad, but I gave Ben Carson a chance and he’s been great and smells like he’s white! But the NAACP is totally rigged and I don’t get any credit!”

“This is why I never wanted to let black people live in my apartments and condos in the 70s: they don’t thank you for the favors you do for them! But I’m 100% vindicated now that the NAACP won’t acknowledge I’ve done more for black people than any black person! What a rigged mess! But whatever, I’m glad I didn’t go. I bet the awards ceremony was totally sketchy anyway!”

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8 thoughts

  1. The sentences were too coherent and too grammatically structured for trump to have said those things, plus this was a couple months ago, those types of statements would have garnered all kinds of backlash.


  2. Who has the real news as this sounds like something to disqualify him. Yes he may of had done a lot more than anyone but his is not a black man. So what needs to be done is to open the door for everyone else to be a member of the NAACP. It would be great if we all could be as one people under God loving and respecting one another.


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