Trump Claims He Warned Obama About COVID-19, but That “Blacks Never Listen”

Washington D.C.

Trump’s latest Twitter thread is something to behold:

“Coronavirus is not my fault! I warned Obama about this pandemic back in 2011, but he was too busy mocking me at the White House Correspondents Dinner with the no-talent, failing loser that no one knows or likes Seth Meyers! The only reason I ran for President in 2016 was because I knew coronavirus was coming!”

“And the Fake News won’t give me credit, but I got Obama to show his birth certificate. I’m the only person who has ever been able to do that. Presidents just shouldn’t conceal any of their information, except their tax returns, health records, transcripts of secret conversations with Putin, any information that Democratic-controlled chambers of Congress want, and the memories of their closest advisers when subpoenaed!”

“And it doesn’t matter because this is China’s fault anyway! The media needs to blame them instead of me, so I’m prepared to use as many racial slurs for the Chinese as needed to keep media attention here in the US off my case and distract them from blaming my administration’s incompetence. Maybe Obama was colluding with China to make sure white people here in America got the Kung Flu? People are talking!”

“I totally tried to get Obama to do something about this years ago. But you know the blacks, they never listen. How smart can they be if virtually none of them vote for me? And when I’ve done so much for the black unemployment rate! They’re just intimidated by my great dealmaking, and they’re jealous that I’m doing more to fight racism than MLK Jr. ever did!”

“So STOP blaming me for the pandemic’s spread in the USA! I’ve been warning about it since George W. Bush. When I was against the invasion of Iraq, I was also against COVID-19! And the Iranian nuclear Deal! And the water in Flint, Michigan! And Obama’s Ebola! All back in 2003!”

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