The Silent Majority Thinks Trump Is The Worst President In Modern Times

The silent majority in the United States thinks the following*:

  • President Donald Trump should read the entirety of his national security briefings, and not need his name inserted into every paragraph to pay attention.
  • Trump has done a terrible job dealing with COVID19, and his refusal to take responsibility for anything negative while demanding praise for everything positive is indicative of an awful personality no one wants their children to grow up emulating.
  • Trump should stop tweeting like an angry toddler.
  • Trump should stop surrounding himself with yes-men and women.
  • Jared Kushner is way out of his league.
  • Ivanka Trump has no business being in the White House.
  • Ivanka is not as hot as Trump says she is.
  • Jared used to look like a squirrel, but now the stress has made his face more closely resemble a pale, plastic doll.
  • None of Trump’s creepy children should try to have a political career following their dad’s epic failures.
  • The Republican Senate should force Trump to stop having “acting” appointees to avoid obtaining Senate approval of his Cabinet-level picks.
  • The Republican Party should stop blocking oversight on the Trump Administration’s actions.
  • Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer.
  • The RNC is funneling money to Trump personally in many of the same ways that the Trump family funneled charity money to themselves.
  • The Mueller Report is more damning than Bill Barr is letting on.
  • Lindsey Graham is being blackmailed.
  • “Covfefe,” “Noble,” and Lysol injections were not jokes, sarcasm, or secret codes.
  • Trump’s makeup and hair are composed poorly, and his insistence that his hairline and tan are real are insults to American intelligence.
  • The Republican Senate, with the notable exception of Mitt Romney, betrayed their Constitutional oaths and national trust refusing to hold Trump accountable for his obviously impeachable crimes and lapses in ethical integrity.
  • Donald Trump did not write a word of The Art of the Deal, and his business image was further invented undeservingly by the producers of The Apprentice.
  • Trump was full of crap when he said trade deals are easy to win.
  • Trump is a terrible dealmaker, and has failed to make deals that benefit America in any tangible way.
  • Trump pronounces “China” weirdly.
  • Putin has kompromat on Trump.
  • Trump does not deserve to be reelected.
  • Trump settling his federal racial discrimination lawsuits was indicative of guilt.
  • Obama was a better president.
  • The Republican Party is 0-2 in their last two presidents.

*No formal surveys or polling have been conducted, but we are taking a page out of Trump’s playbook and just saying whatever we want.

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