The Religious Right Has Replaced Jesus With Donald Trump, Nationalism, QAnon & Tax Cuts

The Religious Right has lost its mind.

Conservative Evangelicals’ culture war zealotry has turned them into the very Christ-less monsters they have always claimed to be fighting against, and their embrace of Donald Trump, whose family history, personality, business career, and presidency are, fundamentally, the antithesis of the New Testament, will be remembered in history as the catalyst for the Religious Right’s end of political relevance.

Trump is the poster boy of the 7 Deadly Sins, and his preposterous vanity, con man artistry, and gauche thirst for vengeance makes him a perfect call-back auditioner for the antichrist. His offensively manufactured and pandering public displays of religious devotion include flubbing names of Bible books, gassing peaceful protesters for opportunistic photo-ops, and changing the topic in superficial conversations of the Bible almost immediately to advertise The Art of the Deal, a book whose real author is fully convinced Trump is a “sociopath,” as his almost equally favorite book.

It is a searing indictment of conservative Evangelical character that Trump’s atheism is excused with a litany of absurd justifications trashed by Trump himself admitting he has never asked God for forgiveness. That is the one requirement of Christianity, yet unconcerned Evangelical Trump fans go to church and sing along to psalms detailing Jesus’s charity and compassion while mentally praising Trump for using the bully pulpit to stamp out every trace of Christian morality in the federal government. Trump’s primary campaign plank was that foreigners should not be treated as the native among us, which suggests the obvious accusation that Jesus was a libtard. The savior of mankind and his Beatitudes just don’t belong in Trumpism. Only Old Testament fury and rageful judgement belong.

Church and state alike have been betrayed, as Trump colluded with foreign governments to get elected, which is finally public fact for the historical record after years of blackmailed and/or bribed Congressional Republicans’ ceaseless subterfuge efforts obstructing justice and gaslighting the citizenry. But the ends of owning the libs justify any means. MAGA fans would rather be Russian than Democrats, making “America First” neither American nor advantageous for Americans.

Nor advantageous for Trump, who is bleeding electoral support and knowingly facing a landslide-threatening majority of Americans whose political disgust and regret can only be fought off with the most brazen election fraud in American history. Trump is a dictator understudy attempting to bludgeon America’s democracy, sovereignty and society so he can avoid going to prison for his lifetime of mob boss criminality. A classified number of sealed indictments with his name on them are poised for perhaps the exact first moment he stops serving as the sitting president. He is “Individual 1” in at least several of the crimes for which Michael Cohen is currently imprisoned, and his various appeal efforts for a plethora of other crimes are running out of time to stall inevitable charges for, among other crimes, fraud, campaign finance violations, obstruction of justice, defamation, and rape.

Meanwhile, the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy infiltrating Trump’s Evangelical base is a Tea Party 2.0, trading the Obama Era racism masquerading as fiscal conservatism for a self-destructive paranoia of anyone and everyone in almost any institution of American society. How conservative of them, and not even Republican cuck lawmakers are safe from accusations of blood-sucking baby-eating. Q is a fake news peddler, a false prophet who suspiciously and conspicuously omits Trump’s lifetime of sex cult behavior to convince gullible morons Trump is accomplishing heroic deeds for humanity he couldn’t possibly fit in between his full schedule of tweeting aggrieved self-pity, watching Fox News, and laundering Secret Service per diem money into his hotel businesses on golf trips.

How would Trump even learn about an alleged global pedophile sex ring? He doesn’t read his daily briefings, and entirely missed months of reports about his favorite dictator paying out bounties to kill American soldiers. And COVID’s obvious threat to American public health, and then suggestions that COVID cases weren’t actually going to soon be zero, or magically disappear with summer heat. So America First of Donald Trump. Besides, his former bromance with Jeffrey Epstein and entrepreneurial lack of conscience exhibited while stealing from kid cancer charities suggest he’d probably like to offer up Trump properties to host the Q-alleged pedophile extravaganzas, and then participate. People are talking. And none of this dissuades his Religious Right supporters.

For selling their souls to Trump Evangelicals got to own the libs for four years, but the Republican Party thanked them for their votes the traditional way of ignoring their theocratic political goals and focusing all GOP legislative efforts on new tax cuts and deregulation for the corporate already-wealthy. There were some federal judges and a couple Supreme Court justices thrown in, but, as usual, Evangelicals’ favorite wedge issues saw no progress in American society. Abortion is still legal, the young are refusing religious affiliation at record levels, and Jesus has not returned to cast everyone else into Hell despite their pavlovian support for Israeli apartheid and Mike Pence mindlessly smiling creepily at Trump’s rambling press conference monologues about how he barely knew any of the people who coordinated his 2016 campaign with foreign governments and have since been imprisoned or at least arrested. But the stock market socipathically decoupled from our crumbling American society has never been higher, and Evangelical conservatives are relieved their standard of living, and everyone else’s, is deteriorating because it owns those socialist, atheist libs intent on ending America’s God-given freedom to suffer in needless economic exploitation by solving national outlier problems with their ideals of communal unity and compassion. Jesus will reward their stoic Shit-Life Syndrome, but only if they object to every Christian-based safety net public policy the libtards offer.

There’s no other way to read this history chapter except that the Religious Right has been conned, and American fascism has come welcomed wrapped in racist symbology designed by a village idiot egomaniac president now being desperately assisted in a Hail Mary election-minded plot hosted by a national security threat conspiracy theorist and accompanied with a free Bible signed real big on the cover in black Sharpie to distract from his making every problem in American society dramatically worse.

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  1. Wowsers…
    Now that’s some food for thought…
    It does seem to ring true though, as sad and profound as it is, definitely needed to be written, read, processed & the next step… People need to wake up and smell the tainted coffee that’s been brewin over the last four years 🍵🤢
    Time to dump it out & make a strong, fresh pot…


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