Eric Trump’s Deepest Secrets Were Just Revealed

(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

Eric stole Pokémon cards from kids with cancer while visiting them in the hospital. It’s how he got his holographic Charizard.

Eric hosted several charity events at his father’s properties to try and earn an “I love you, son” from his dad, but his dad still called him a “regret” when Eric gave the charity a 1% discount on a purchase of a bottle of Trump Wine.

He lost $30 million in June of 2014 in a cryptocurrency scam involving “Putin Bucks.”

He used to practice French-kissing with Donald Jr. until age 16 so they’d be good at it when they got girlfriends.

He has a crippling fear that all his business success is totally dependent on his last name and employment in his family’s company.

He hates ketchup because of several traumatizing memories of his father abusing him and his brother with a ketchup bottle when their mom would undercook steak to a medium temperature instead of well-done and he’d explode in rage.

He doesn’t think Ivanka is nearly as hot as his dad always says.

His favorite band is Nickelback, his favorite movie is Showgirls, and his favorite television show is The Jerry Springer Show. He cherishes seeing glimpses of families more screwed up than his own.

His most proud moment was when he punched Jared Kushner in the jaw for implying the Trump family wasn’t actually rich, but then apologized when he found out it was true.

He once counted the average of the number of sentences he starts with “My father…” every day over the span of a week and it was 27 times.

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