Mike Pence Regrets That Trump Didn’t Do More To Reverse Territorial Gains Made By The Gay Agenda

Washington D.C.—

According to White House insiders, Vice President Mike Pence regrets that President Trump did not achieve more against the sinister Gay Agenda.

While congratulatory to Trump on his decisions to bring troops home from Afghanistan, Pence is frustrated that Trump has ignored his calls for redeploying those troops in liberal cities to combat the proliferation of “gayborhoods,” or LGBTQ+ friendly neighborhoods.

Pence is currently authoring a governmental manual on combating the Gay Agenda he plans to give to his successor, VP-Elect Kamala Harris, filled with tactical protocols, policy proposals, and advice based on his past achievements and failures combating the spread of homosexuality throughout America.

In recent months, Mr. Pence has been especially upset that Trump’s military assassination priorities have been against Iranian generals and scientists, without even going after one general from the Gay Agenda. Pence has vigorously argued with other national security officials in recent months that generals from the Gay Agenda are much easier and cheaper to find with drone surveillance than Iranian generals because of how colorfully they dress and how flamboyantly they do their plotting and scheming.

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