A Russian Copper Company Bought 70,000 copies of Donald Trump Jr.’s New Book

New York City—

Pre-sales for Donald Trump Jr.s new memoir, “Triggered: A Boy of Destiny’s Crusade Against The Cuck Liberal Hollywood Elite & Rosie O’Donnell” skyrocketed to the top of the New York Times Best Seller List when a mysterious corporate buyer in a suburb of Moscow, Russia purchased 70,000 copies.

The company, Russian Copper, is led by one of the top oligarchs in Moscow, Niko Deripaskov, a close friend and confidant to “President” Vladimir Putin, and the vast majority of the book’s total sales were billed to Russian Copper.

Political pundits across the political spectrum are calling attention to the blatant exhibit of Russian money laundering, but Donald Jr. is adamant that Deripaskov is merely impressed with his business skills.

“Look, I was offered an executive role in the Trump Organization, literally a day out of college,” explained Donald Jr. in a press tour interview conversation with Good Morning America‘s George Stephanopoulos. “Deripaskov clearly just wants to pass my expansive wisdom on to his employees. He didn’t buy Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal, he specifically chose Triggered. And it’s a great book, his employees are going to love it. I detail how I rose up in the ranks of the Trump Organization with hard work, determination, and grit, and I managed to do it in just ten minutes. What does that say about me? My dad, the best business man in the world, hired me on the spot! And it had nothing to do with my last name. I promise you that. It was because he could just tell I have that ‘It’ factor. Honestly, he barely even knew me, so it’s totally not nepotism. He was always so busy with work when I was a kid, so he didn’t really watch me grow up. So everything I’ve achieved I’ve accomplished totally on my own with no outside help save just a small gift of $100 million from my grandpa’s will. But it’s not like my dad was a bad dad, you know? Sure, he always calls me an idiot in front of the other Trump Organization board members, but deep down he really loves me. When I was a kid we’d have our special little moments. Like, he always made sure to call me on my birthday. He’d talk for like a whole ten minutes, and we’d laugh and laugh. That’s when I could tell me he respected me. He’d always ask about my friends. He’d be like, ‘Do your friends ever talk about Marla in school?’ or ‘Do your friends ever talk about my casinos in school?’ or ‘do your friends ever talk about how big my hands are and how long my fingers are at school?’ Then we’d talk about the girls my age, and he’d ask me how big their boobs were getting, and dude stuff like that. It was great bonding. You know, I bet if Joe Biden’s son wrote a book, Russian companies wouldn’t buy ANY copies of it!”

Russian Copper, meanwhile, has just 1,200 employees.

One thousand copies were also purchased by President Donald Trump, but paid for by his newly launched, Florida-based charity called Donald Trump’s Not Fraud Foundation.

Before changing his address from New York State to Florida State, the President and all his children had been banned from serving on the board of any charity for ten years on account of excessive fraud for spending charitable donations for personal, often frivolous expenses.

Immediately the IRS launched an investigation into Donald Trump’s Not Fraud Foundation‘s purchase of copies of his son’s book. The President accused the IRS of “Presidential harassment” and launched lawsuits, but several judges have ruled against him.

“My father is being treated so unfairly,” Donald Jr. told Stephanopoulos when the TV host pressed him on his father’s legal problems. “One of those judges was Mexican, so of course that ruling doesn’t count. And the others were deep-state women judges who were probably on the rag. Women hate my father, so they shouldn’t be allowed in any courtroom with my father, judgeship or jury. And these judges weren’t even hot. Talk about saggy. Why do they hate my father so much? It’s not like he’s gonna try to kiss them. They’re way too old! My dad is always joking that pretty soon his next wife will be younger than Barron. That’s my dad, for you!”

Adding fire to the intensity of the controversy, House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff released yesterday the transcript of a deposition in which a senior Trump Administration official admitted the President had in several phone conversations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky threatened to withhold military assistance to Ukraine unless Zelensky’s government purchased 10,000 copies of Don Jr.’s Triggered.

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(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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