Trump Claimed He Beat Obama In A Game Of Basketball During The Transition

Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump today on Twitter claimed he beat President Barack Obama in a game of basketball during their White House discussions after Trump’s victory in Election 2016.

The following is Mr. Trump’s Twitter thread:

“I heard that B. Hussein Obama called me a ‘fascist’ in private, but he’s just jealous that I’m such a better President than him! I turned America around. A lot of people don’t remember this, but America was a total shit-hole before I took over. No one had any money, every Christian was in prison, and every baby got eaten by Menopausal Pelosi right out of the womb!”

“I turned things totally around because I’m pro-life. A lot of people don’t know this, but I love kids and I’m so good at them. Maybe one of the best! Look at Ivanka, I did great with her! She worked her way up to Senior Adviser to the POTUS, imagine that! How many parents can say that about their kids? Obama’s kids never got promoted to that job!”

“I’m so humble that the pro-life rally invited the greatest President ever to come speak. They say I’m one of the most pro-life presidents of all time. I only ever paid for a few abortions from a couple mistresses. Obama tried to pass a law to force every Christian to abort all their pregnancies, but I got elected just in time to rip up that deal. It was the worst trade deal in American history!”

“I just love America so much, unlike Obama, who has the entire Koran tattooed on his body underneath his shirt. Thank God I got elected when I did, cause Obama and Crooked Hillary were about to convert the entire country to Arab. And for that the Democrats are going to impeach me for the totally unConstitutional made-up law that says Presidents can’t love America. The Dems can’t handle the fact that I live my life just like Jesus lived his!”

“Obama is just mad that I beat him in basketball when we talked at the White House after the Election. He couldn’t believe it! I was too quick, and he sprained his ankle trying to keep up with me. He told me his fastest personal record running the mile, and mine was twice as fast! For a Kenyan, he’s very slow compared to me!”

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(Picture courtesy of the Obama White House.)

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  1. I believe this as truth. I’ve seen when he wears it. It looks like a rubber glove but it’s not. His palms are bigger but it looks fake. I noticed the other day he had little hands again and I knew for certain I was right. Now that’s vanity to the MAX. tRump is so vain.

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