Donald Trump Announces Plan To Convert Into A Democrat For 2018 To “Ride The Blue Wave”


Washington D.C.—

President Donald Trump this morning tweeted a thread of comments announcing his intention to run as a Democrat in 2020 because of the suspected blue wave coming into the Congressional midterm elections.

“The Republicans have treated me very unfairly, they don’t deserve me! Some have talked about running primaries against me, so ungrateful! If the only way I can #MakeAmericaGreatAgain is by running as a Dem, I will!”

“The Democrats should—but they never will—thank me for helping them so much in the polls, just like the media. I’m so good for Democrats and the failing New York Times, but you’ll never hear them give me credit!”

“I beat Hillary in the general election—even though no one said I would—so I’ll have no trouble beating Crazy Bernie or Pocahontas! The Democrats will be thanking me when I’m their nominee, trust me!”

“So if Lyin’ Ryan and Mitch McFondle and other Republican leaders don’t bow down low enough, I’ll switch parties and ride the blue wave coming in 2018. I will beat the GOP so bad, and then win 4 more years in ’20!”

“And if the Dems don’t nominate me, I’ll run as a Green or for the Reform party! I have so many Twitter followers which DEFINITELY aren’t robots. They’re all totally real. Many of them only follow ten people…”

“…But only because they only want to see MY tweets! The majority of them have Russian language bios, but only because they respect Putina REAL leader. They’re DEFINITELY ‘Americans,’ I promise!”


(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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