Wayne LaPierre Must Get A Bonus Every School Shooting That Doesn’t Turn Into Gun Control, Or Something


Richmond, VA—

NRA head Wayne LaPierre must be getting a bonus every time there is a mass shooting that does not turn into tangible gun control of any kind.

It’s the only explanation of how he could be so heartless and soulless when there are endless mass shootings in America, including in schools where elementary schoolers are murdered.

Wayne LaPierre is a moldy piece of excrement that must be personally profiting off his callous inaction and silence in regard to America’s chronic problem of murdered children. It is literally the only explanation we can conceive as to why he peddles murderous gun sales to people who are threats to society against the unambiguous public support for minimum, rational gun control measures, including the ban of sales to crazy people, a centralized background checking database, the limiting of magazine capacity for high-velocity weapons, and a raising of the legal age to buy guns.

If LaPierre puts gun profits ahead of the safety of our elementary schoolers, he must be profiting handsomely off their deaths without remorse. Otherwise, it just doesn’t make sense, does it?

And if he doesn’t get bonuses from the NRA for every school shooting, maybe he should. He’s done such great work keeping our communities and nation as a whole unsafe that he deserves some recognition for being a shitty person.

The Halfway Post reached out to Mr. LaPierre for a comment, but his secretary explained he was too busy humping his AR-15 in his office to talk.


(Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore.)

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