“Stop Identity Politics!” Say Republicans, Who’ve Catered To White, Christian, Straight Males For Decades


Washington D.C.—

The Republican Party has whined about Democrats’ identity politics so much that the GOP nominated and elected President Donald Trump simply because he was a loud, racist, straight white male jerk with a trainwreck id.

But here is a little reminder, courtesy of The Halfway Post, that Republicans invented identity politics.

The GOP’s power base became the racist South after 1965 when Democrats passed the Civil Rights Act aiming to end Jim Crow laws Republicans had come to cherish for their success in effectively blocking the electoral power and human rights of black people. Democrats have imperfectly but empathetically worked to help black communities and promote black political issues since, to counter Republicans’ decades of dog-whistle politics on issues like drugs, crime, housing, public transit, and voting rights.

As a result, the GOP has maintained a monopoly on Evangelical white Christian voters since the Religious Right became a major source of electoral power in the 80s as a reaction to liberal cultural trends of the 60s and 70s. Democrats, in contrast, call for protecting the social rights of religious minorities, including atheists, Muslims, and all non-Christians like the Constitution states that America’s democracy ought to do. When Christian Republicans attempt to force Christianity upon the rest of the country, Democrats defend the separation of church and state.

The Halfway Post doesn’t believe we must go into depth on LGBTQ issues to understand that Republicans are the identity-politic villains on gender and sexuality issues.

Republicans have also promoted a patriarchal world view at the expense of women. Republicans have recently positioned themselves against women’s right to choose on the issue of abortion, even if a woman will die during childbirth, and in the instance of rape and incest. Republicans generally have patriarchal healthcare ideas about women’s health and healthcare policy, and accordingly are not inaccurately compared to the Islamic fundamentalists they wear flag lapel pins to repel metaphorically.

So remember, Democrats didn’t create identity politics, Democrats are merely defending the victims of Republicans’ white, Christian straight male identity politics. And Republicans get really upset when Democrats suggest the national discourse should not revolve around the thin skinned emotional anxieties of white Christian conservatives.

(Photo, which isn’t photoshopped at all, courtesy of Paul Ryan’s Instagram account… and Republicans say Democrats have the identity-politic issues. A whole room of only white people. When people accuse Republicans of having no perspective or diverse experiences, this photo is exactly what they mean.)

From The Halfway Post vault:

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