MAGA Christians Can’t Believe God Would Make Such A Big Mistake

Tulsa, OK—

The apparent election loss of President Donald Trump has been a shock to devoutly Christian MAGA fans who were convinced Trump’s narrow Electoral College victory over Hillary Clinton represented Godly intervention and Heavenly endorsement.

“Don’t get me wrong, I have total faith in God’s eternal master plan,” said Benny Daniels, 47, of Tulsa, “but I believe God got this one way wrong! Is God asleep? Can the angels wake Him up and let Him know Fox News is about to call the election for Biden? It’s just not like God to make such massive mistakes like this!”

Other MAGA Christians agreed.

“I’ve been a 100% committed Christian my whole life,” explained Sarah Malcolm, 35, “but with God screwing this election up, and letting the socialist communist baby-eater Democrats win, I may have to start shopping around for a new monodeity! I’m not about to start praying every day to a libtard!”

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